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A five-star prospect who is ranked No. 19 overall in the class of 2011, (Norvel) Pelle has as much potential as any big man in the class. He’s a high level athlete — even by NBA standards — runs the floor, has tremendous length and impacts the game on the glass, as a shot blocker and as an interior scorer when motivated.

Eric Bossi, (November 11 2010)

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Each recruiting season there is a group of PF/C affixed the “moves well for his size” label. Generally this translates to average to slightly above average foot speed, and passable lateral quickness. Each recruiting season there is another group, albeit much fewer in number, which renders unnecessary the “for his size” qualifier. Jordan Hamilton (Rivals #6 ’09), Perry Jones (Rivals #9 ’10), Anthony Davis (Rivals #2 ’11), and ’12 Norvel Pelle serve as examples of the latter. Unfamiliar with the Pelle game, or unaware he’s looking to shakeup the ranks of the class of ’12? I suggest spending a few minutes in research of the enigmatic Power forward. Shabazz Muhammad, Nerlens Noel, and Anthony Bennett undoubtedly hoarded the pre-season Freshman buzz. A determined Norvel Pelle has designs of wedging his name into the conversation come the tip-off of the ’12-’13 NCAA basketball season.


The NCAA Freshman Class of ’12-’13 could prove one for the ages. 294 votes were cast and UNLV’s Anthony Bennett was named the (preseason):

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