Catching up with Jesse Aniebonam

Posted: July 20, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Class of '14, Guest Authors

Andrew Chirico ( interview of 2014 Defensive End Jesse Aniebonam
Q: How do you like playing for your high school?

Jesse: I love it, it’s an amazing program, my coaches are great and I am getting great exposure.

Q: What schools are showing interest?

Jesse: I have three offers from Auburn, Hawaii and Maryland. I am also getting looked at from several other colleges as well.

Q: Any other schools showing high interest without an offer?

Jesse: Ohio State is in my top seven. I really love the school and the team. The program as a whole is very good too. To land an offer from them would be amazing.

Q: Whats your opinion of Ohio State?

Jesse: It is a great school, nice people, amazing football program and the location is manageable.

Q: What are your seven? ( No Order)

Jesse: My seven includes Maryland, Virginia, Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia Tech and Auburn.

Q: Describe your game.

Jesse: As a strong side defensive end I am usually going to be in the three point. I am more of an aggressive player and my coaches favor the fact that I have the size.I am usually quicker and faster than the tackles and tight ends that I would be set up against. So, I use that to my advantage.

Q: What do you plan on improving on?

Jesse: Mainly just working on my hand progressions, such as more swim and rip move techniques.

Q: When do you plan on committing?

Jesse: I hope the summer before my senior season.

Q: Any visits?

Jesse: I have visited Georgia Tech and have gone to a few other camps so far.

Q: What do you look for in a program?

Jesse: I mainly look for how the coaches really facilitate and coordinate their knowledge into their players. Also, how they interact and run the program. I wouldn’t really be looking for a coach to baby me in any sort of way. The general area of the school is also a good factor.

Q: What are your max outs?

Jesse: Bench 285, squat 505 and power clean 275.

Q: What do you do off the field?

Jesse: Mainly, just working out almost everyday. I also enjoy going to the pool with a teammate of mine to swim laps for our conditioning.


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