Daniel Hamilton – Casts His Own Shadow

Posted: May 3, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in 2014, Basketball
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Daniel Hamilton has made alarming progress in his game over the past year. He’s grown a few inches, has become a very good passer and an improved scorer. His three-point shot is better but Hamilton’s best scoring from midrange and in. Already at 6-foot-7, Hamilton has the right size for a small forward and once he puts on strength, it will be interesting to see where he can take his game.

Scout.com, Daniel Hamilton

The upside of belonging to a talented and successful family is the increased likelihood some of the talent and success flows your way. A potential downside, specifically when you’re the longest of the family, can be the label of “so-and-so’s younger brother” or unfair comparisons to seemingly unrealistic standards and expectations. Most find it difficult, if not impossible, to measure up to familial success. A few, and here’s where we introduce Daniel Hamilton, appear to feed on the pressure and use it to fuel their own noteworthy journey.

As younger brother to the Denver Nuggets Jordan Hamilton and St. John’s Bosco’s 5-star Isaac Hamilton it would seem a daunting task for Daniel to avoid getting lost in the talent shuffle. Pressure enough living up to the rep of one talented brother, but two? Eldest brother Jordan is a Compton Dominguez High School legend,  a former Texas Longhorn (’09-’11), and a 1st Round NBA selection of the Dallas Mavericks (since traded to the Nuggets). The middle Hamilton brother, Isaac, blew up this past season at St. John’s Bosco and has recently begun garnering national recruiting attention. Does Daniel buckle under the pressure of the Hamilton rep? Anything but. Having just wrapped up his ’11-’12 season Daniel went for 18.9 (pts), 8.5 (reb), and 4.9 (asst)….as a Sophomore. Buckle? Hardly. Growing speculation has Daniel potentially developing into the best of the Hamilton trio.

Currently holding offers from multiple D1 schools (San Diego St., UTEP, Oklahoma St.) there’s little doubt the word on Daniel’s talent/potential has already hit. Daniel’s offensive game is predicated on athleticism, a developing outside game, and an innate nose for the hoop. Catch many of his highlight tapes and you’ll see multiple examples of Hamilton (with his back to the basket) putting up shots without having to first turn and locate the goal. He appears to hold more bounce/explosiveness than brother Isaac, with Isaac holding the edge in ball-handling, court-awareness, and the outside game. Given Daniel just wrapped up his Sophomore season it’s tough finding too much fault with his game, and very easy getting up the whirlwind behind his potential. He and Isaac will form a lethal combo (once again) next season for St John’s Bosco and projecting anything less than a deep run into the State Championships would seem unnecessarily conservative.

I’ll hold off on College performance projections until Hamilton hits his Junior season. There’s little doubt however, he will enter ’12-’13 as one of 2014’s top recruits. Given his bloodlines, physical gifts, and developing feel for the game, it’s not out of the question Daniel Hamilton takes the torch from Isaac and establishes his own 5-star level game. Although the older members of the Hamilton family have grabbed enough awards and accolades to block out the sun, Daniel Hamilton has the upside to cast his own shadow.






Daniel HamiltonDaniel HamiltonDaniel Hamilton

  1. Smoke says:

    Just as a note, while not a superstar, the Hamiltons have another older brother, Gary, who played four years at the University of Miami and plays professionally overseas.

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  3. […] Daniel Hamilton – Casts His Own Shadow […]

  4. […] Daniel Hamilton – Casts His Own Shadow […]

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