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At 6’7 220lbs, Tony Farmer casts a physically imposing shadow on the basketball court. Remove him from the land of giants, and in comparison to the average American, physically imposing can jump to physically intimidating. On April 23rd 2012, Farmer chose to ratchet up his physicality another notch in an all out assault of his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane. The morning (approx 7:00AM) of the incident Ms. Lane entered her apartment complex en route to her unit. What happens next, as the video shows an enraged Farmer charging into view of cameras, is disturbing not only because of the unprovoked brutality, but also the absolute terror which overcomes Ms. Lane. This was not a toe-to-toe exchange in which confronting parties jaw each other into a frenzy of violence. This (footage below) was a physical and emotional ambush of an all but defenseless victim, on the part of an all but indefensible assailant.



Arrested April 23rd, Tony Farmer went on to confirm this much more than just an isolated indiscretion, or completely out of character. In violation of a court mandated “no contact” order, Farmer chose to threaten and intimidate Lane via text and voice mail in an apparent attempt to dissuade her from pressing charges. Per Judge Pamela Barker (presided over sentencing) “He (Farmer) certainly threatened her (Lane) or said that he should have done something more to her. And so that in addition to what I saw on the tape was very telling to me, and it was a violation of the ‘no contact’ order that was put in place to protect her.” Not content with the damage already dished out or determined to make amends, Farmer acted to further terrorize Lane and avoid any accountability.



Whether true to character or a shockingly abrupt escape from reason and conscience, caught on 3-4 minutes of video was Tony Farmer, predator. He stalked his physically inferior prey, cornered, attacked, and went back for more. For that few minutes, his rage fed on Lane’s fear. His aggression devoured her physical and emotional security. Almost as telling as is the footage of Farmer’s cowardice in attacking a downed female, was the cowardice displayed as Judge Barker outlined Farmer’s sentence. Maniacal in assault of his defenseless female victim, Farmer buckled under the ruling of a female Judge. The 6’7 Farmer collapsed to his knees and proceeded to sit on the floor of the court as would a 5 year-old in the midst of a tantrum. I hold no sympathy for Tony Farmer nor any apparent loss he may have suffered. He acted as a felon and punished as such.


Tony Farmer will resurface from prison, and will have a (what should be) a full life to find his way. Should that include a career in basketball, so be it. Should that opportunity prove void, he need only consider 3 minutes of video to answer any questions as to why.


Cindi Merrill and Frank Smith, Assistant Directors of Enforcement for the NCAA, were officially dispatched yesterday to begin an inquiry involving Nerlens Noel. Noel, widely regarded the top basketball recruit of 2012, announced his “decision” to sign with the Kentucky Wildcats during the course of a 2 hour special presentation hosted by ESPN. The inquiry, at least at this point, appears focused on potential eligibility issues, and not the recruitment itself. Merrill and Smith arrived yesterday in Everett (Mass.) and met for an hour with Everett High Principal Louis Baldi. Noel attended Everett as a Freshman and Sophomore. The inquiry appears motivated by concerns raised by Tilton School officials concerning some of the adults involved in Noel’s life. Tilton is the New Hampshireboarding school Noel has attended for going on two years.There’s little doubt the NCAA is looking to clean house of the “handlers” and “advisers” involved in the recruitment of many high level basketball prospects. One such “advise”, former Providence Assistant Coach Chris Driscoll, is apparently close with Noel and was recently barred from campus by Tilton officials. Staff was apparently concerned Driscoll “didn’t have Noel’s best interests at heart”. According the to “The Times also reports that the NCAA is investigation Noel’s relationship with Chris Driscoll, a former Providence assistant, and with Errol Randolph, a former substitute teacher at Everett High who has a connection with agent Andy Miller. The newspaper also reports that the investigators are curious about how Noel paid for unofficial visits to Louisville and Kentucky earlier this year.”

Little doubt there’s more to come on the Noel side, and as previously discussed in my piece on Shabazz Muhammad (“Decision or Done Deal?“), there’s plenty of smoke surrounding this year’s top recruits. The NCAA won’t take satisfaction in stamping out the fire behind the smoke, my guess is they’re gunning for the flash point.