’13 PG Marc Rodgers – Q&A

Posted: September 24, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in 2013, Basketball, Class of '13
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Previously featured on SoCal Recruit Spot, PG Marc Rodgers enters the 2012-13 season surprisingly under the recruiting radar. Good chance that is about to change. I touched base with Rodgers, and he provided the following insight/update:

A little intro music courtesy of that man Rick Ross, as selected by ’13 PG Marc Rodgers


1. On the basketball front, what was the highlight of your off-season/summer?

I would have to say my highlight of the Summer Live period was either havingultiple double-double games, or beating the Detroit Stars. Hitting them was portal to me because before the game they were talking about how us LA kids are soft, and they were the best team in the tournament. So beating them was a big deal to me.

2. As you prepare to enter your final season of High school basketball, how would you summarize your High school basketball career?

I would have to summarize my high school basketball career as a successful one. I have only lost a total of 7 games in my high school basketball career. Through all the adversity that has happened, I always find a way to fight through and make sure that winning is the only focus. I have learned a lot and am blessed to be in the position I am in.

3. Any predictions for your 2012-13 squad?

I think my team can win 90 percent of our games this season. We are very big in the front court. Two very athletic wings, and I love being able to utilize my passing ability having all these great players around me. My coach does a great job preparing us, and we understand that in order for us to look good individually, we have to look good as a team first.

4. It’s no secret you’re a pro at the “new school” deal. What are the positives and negatives of the multiple transfer?

I don’t think their are really any positives or negatives in any situation that requires drastic changes in life. Every thing happens for a reason and I never look back at anything I do in life. St. Bernard’s was a great opportunity for Brandon Randolph and myself, but as you can see we both ha to leave because the chips were all out of place. From our coach leaving, to our school not having the finances to support most teams. Staying was really not an option. My new situation is where I am proud to be, and I know God has a plan for everybody.

5. Excluding the players currently on your team, name 2 current High school hoopers whom you would most like to play alongside. Why?

Two high school basketball players I would love to play with would most likely have to be my boys Dakarai Allen up in Sac, and my boy Jaron Hopkins out in Arizona. Dakarai is so hungry when it comes to the defensive end, and loves to run the wings. Jaron is freak of nature and a heck of a scorer. Both of those guys could be in the league soon if you ask me.

6. List the 2 current High school hoopers whom you would most like to play against. Why?

2 current high school players I would love to play against is probably Isaac and Daniel Hamitlon. They are two of the highest recruited players in the state, and were all boys. I know it would be big lights and a big crowd if we played them. And they have one of the best teams In the state this year. In order to be the best you have to be the best. So I would love to play my boys Isaac and DHam.

7. Which area(s) of your game require the most attention in preparation for collegiate basketball?

I would have to say every area of my game can be improved. The D1 game is so intense, so skilled and so fast that you have to be GREAT in every aspect of the game or it will show. I work on anything and everything so there is not one aspect I could say.

8. Your Coach loses his mind and allows Marc Rodgers to decide the squad’s intro music. What are you going with?

Haha, I would defiantely hope my coach never let’s this happen. But if he would I would definately have some Nipssey Hussle, Rick Ross, and French Montana on full blast. I’m a music guy, so I listen and critique everything.

9. We’ve discussed Miami, SDSU, and a handful of others schools having expressed interest in your game. How about an update on your recruitment?

My recruitment is starting to pick up right now. I’ve been talking to alot of WCC, and PAC 12 schools lately. A couple schools out of the Big West also. Lately I have just been thankful for all the coaches that have came to our practice and play ball. My game is all I can control, so everything else will take care of itself.


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