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Marcus Lee is an exceptional athlete with fabulous body control and loves to blaze up and down the court. He’s an exceptional finisher in transition and surprisingly nimble for a post player. He showed off an impressive drop step one hander and uses his long reach to rebound and block shots.”

Aaron Beach, via (July 30th 2012)










As of October 2011 Deer Valley’s High’s Marcus Lee was a relatively unknown 3-star Power Forward on the fringe of the recruiting scene. Lee’s Northern California campus sits in the city of Antioch (’10 pop. 102,000) and at the onset of the ’11-’12 Wolverines’ season would have barely registered a blip on the radar for most basketball scouts. Eight months later, and Lee rates a 4-star via, has skyrocketed to the #33 spot in the Class of ’13 and is among the most sought after big men in the country. Lee holds offers from much of the West coast, Duke, Kansas and recently spoke with representatives of the University of Kentucky. The “potential” label appears near Lee’s name as much if not more than that of any player in his Class. An exceptional overall athlete, Lee also carries clout on the HS Volleyball circuit. The 6’10 Middle Blocker registered 306 Kills (’11-’12) for the 37-4 Deer Valley team. Similar to Long Beach Poly’s 4-star Power forward (and previously profiled) Jordan Bell, ’10 Center Angelo Chol, and ’12 Power forward Skylar Spencer, Lee’s path to national prominence was paved by his efforts as a defensive stopper. Bell’s name will again appear in this piece as similarities between the two abound.



Rapheal Hopkins 7/31/12

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Time is narrowing down until that first Friday night of my senior season. All my sweat, blood, and tears are going to be put to test. I have hit lots of camps and combines and got lots of exposure from schools I never thought would look my way. This summer my goal was to lead by example. I work, my team work. That extra lift or extra sprint is what makes champions. I believe in myself and them other 10 guys on the field with me. I have yet to see 1 guy win a championship. It takes 11 bodies to fight and be determined. The offseason is when big time player shine the most. Its what that player does when he is alone. Everybody can look like a workhorse when coach is over the top of you yelling. Its what you do when no one is watching. Do you still push that extra lift or run that extra sprint? My work and leadership has brought me a long way in recruiting and as a man. Coaches see my leadership and work ethic in camps and pay attention. To be a top athlete, yes you must play good ball but you must get it done in the classoom. You cant rush for 3500 yards in a season but carry a low gpa and expect to play at the highest level. Character is a must. You must stay humble. I thank God everyday for what he is doing for me. I look everyday for ways to improve my game. Whether is on the field or watching film. My recruiting as jump started tremendously. Be a team player. “be a we guy, not a me guy”