Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret

Posted: April 10, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Basketball
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’13 Point Guard Brandon Randolph has received interest from just about every West Coast basketball program worth its salt. He now carries a grand total of (2) offers (San Diego State and Pepperdine). It’s still fairly early in the ’13 recruiting game, but given Randolph’s production and skill set its unclear, at least to me, why more programs haven’t pulled the trigger. Last I checked ultra-quick Guards whom bring (19+) Points and can add (5+) Rebounds per game to the mix are few and far between. A Senior season similar to that of his Junior could have many NCAAHead Coaches wishing they were a bit quicker on the draw.

It’s clear at this point in his development Randolph is a score first combo-Guard. That approach has certainly worked to this point as he led his St. Bernard’s squad to a (24-8 10-0) record in ’11-’12. He lays claim to a 30pt performance (12/3/11) when matched against Palos Verdes and a 31pt showing (3/13/12) against Village Christian. The next level for Randolph, and what NCAA HC’s may be waiting to see, is more consistency in getting teammates involved. Catch one of #3’s highlight reels and it’s evident he possesses top level court awareness and surprising velocity to an old-school chest pass. Brandon’s FG (.505) doesn’t speak to his forcing many shots, but given his handles and vision there’s opportunity to take his Assists (2.8 ’11-’12) closer to (5+) range. Combine that with an impressive (5.3 ’11-’12) Rebounds out of a Guard spot and this all-around game should begin drawing significant D1 attention.

Randolph appears comfortable playing through contact and his 6’2 190lb should hold up under the increased physicality of the D1 game. As with most High school Guards there’s opportunity for improved ball security and more consistency in facilitating and insuring his
teammates remain involved. The jumper remains a work in progress, but given his lift and quick release it’s more a matter of establishing consistency as opposed to reworking anything. His ability to dribble-drive will become that much more deadly as defenders are forced to honor an outside game. The 3pt game (22 for 76 ’11-’12) and Free-Throws (49 for 74 ’11-’12) should improve with continued work/focus, and need to so as to maximize his scoring efficiency. With small refinements Randolph could prove straight scary for ’12-’13 opponents.

The best predictions are often the ones left untold. Catchy phrase, but what’s the fun in playing it safe? I count Brandon Randolph an emerging star at the High school level and a potential impact player for a fortunate D1 program. It remains unclear why his game hasn’t garnered more attention. Given his natural feel for scoring, ability to break players down in the open court, finish in traffic, and Rebound from the 1 or 2, his ceiling is up there with the best California has to offer. Assuming he remains dedicated in improving his game and inks with a strong/disciplined D1 program I project Randolph as an All-Conference level performer with the all-around game capable of landing significant Freshman playing time. Time’s just about up on SoCal‘s best kept on the court secret.



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  2. […] Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret […]

  3. Basketball 101 says:

    I believe your article was dead on for the most part. However, his assist total would have been much higher had his teammates converted more buckets. Brandon is a very underrated passer. once he has a consistant jumper… Watch out….He’s a combo guard with an explosive first step or just scary in the open court where he show no mercy to the person trying to stay in front of him. I’m just as puzzled as you when it come to the lack of scholarship offers. In the end…. those who don’t offer him a 4 year ride will be sorry and he’ll definitely be a major impact at the next level…I can’t wait to see him play against those same schools… Another Russell Westbrook in the making,,,, Remember i told you so…..

  4. daniel yealu says:

    He should be fine with a skill set that he has well at least from the highlights the offers should start rolling in heavy in no time he reminds me of a more polished westbrook not that out of control but fast at the same time.

  5. […] Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret […]

  6. […] Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret […]

  7. […] Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret […]

  8. […] Brandon Randolph – SoCal’s Best Kept Secret […]

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