Razhaun “Bear” Henderson – Q&A

Posted: September 27, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in 2014, Basketball, Class of '14

Previously featured on the site, Razhaun “Bear” Henderson enters his junior season at Bishop Alemany (Ca) poised to assume a leadership role and further establish his rep among the talented hoopers in the Class of 2014.

1. On the basketball front, what was the highlight of your off-season/summer?

When i had my first phone call from a college. And fab 48 quater finals game with pump n run. i played very well that game.


2. Max Guercy and Maqueze Coleman have graduated. How will that impact your role with the Bishop Alemany squad?

It’s gonna add a lot of pressure for me, since i am now one of the leaders of Bishop Alemany. But i have been looking forward to follow their footsteps, i won’t take this opportunity lightly.


3. Any predictions (personal and/or team) for the 2012-13 season?

Have no idea, just taking things step by step.


4. Which area(s) of your game have most improved since the conclusion of the 2011-12 Alemany season?

My Jump Shot, Bounce, Ball Handling, right hand, agility and guard skills!!!!!


5. Which area(s) of your game require the most attention in preparation for collegiate basketball?

I have to say my physicality, rebounding, jump shot, finish through contact and ability to defend primary players.


6. Excluding the players currently on your team, name 2 current High school hoopers whom you would most like to play alongside. Why?

We have alot of transfers newcomers on the team. i’m excited to play with everyone. My teammates individually all got better. it’s going to be another fun year.


7. List the 2 current High school hoopers whom you would most like to play against. Why?

There’s alot of talent in so-cal this year. Every game is gonna have top players and D1 athlete’s. i’m excited to play with the schedule we’ll have this year. Just taking things one step at a time.


8. Your Coach loses his mind and allows Bear Henderson to decide the squad’s intro music. What are you going with?

B-Mob anthem- Lil B. or some beat that i made. (i’m also a producer)


9. As you prepare to enter your Jr. season, where does your recruitment stand? Any early favorites?

Portland(offer), Colorado(offer), Utah State (offer), Nevada (offer), Cal Poly (offer), Rice and Stanford are Highly interested. We’ve been talking almost every day. Arizona, USC,UCLA, Norte Dame, UNLV and Washington are in the mix. Almost all went to my school practices.


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