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8 Questions with Trey Dickerson

Posted: April 7, 2014 by DeadBefore50 in 2014, Basketball, Guards
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Trey Dickerson has signed to play ball with Coach Fran McCaffery and the Iowa Hawkeyes. “TD” has been a friend of the SoCalRecruitSpot site from our inception, and we caught up with the point guard as he prepares for life in the Big10.


The last time we touched base (“On the Rise”) you were just about to get your JC career started. Walk us thru the steps that led you from high school ball in LA, to a letter of intent to attend and play D1 ball at the University of Iowa

It was a long process. I learned a lot at Price HS. I didn’t qualify academically so I went to prep school in Dallas, Texas. I got cleared late and signed with Murray State. I got there and realized it wasn’t a good situation for me and wanted to reopen my recruitment and go juco for one year. I had a solid year at Williston State junior college and committed to Iowa in March


For those not familiar with your game, what does Trey Dickerson bring to the basketball court?

Brings toughness, leader, and competitor I’m all about winning I just want to do whatever it takes to win


As you prepare to make the move from JuCo to D1 ball, which area(s) of your game are you looking to fine-tune?

I just want to get my on ball defense a little better and get stronger BIG 10 is physical



What, if anything, has head Coach Fran McCaffery and/or staff shared with you regarding your role on next year’s squad?

They said I’m a big part of the team next year and they will help me get better this summer to help contribute to the team winning. I bring another ball handler that can create for myself and others


Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison has recently made a name for himself with three last second game-winning shots. In that situation are you looking to facilitate and set up a teammate, or are you pulling the trigger on the 3-ball?

I would look to find a open teammate that can knock it down but if I have to take the shot I will


I know at one point you squared off against Kyrie Irving and dropped 18 points on the future NBA’er. Does that success serve as motivation, or given the challenges you have experienced along the way, serve as a source of frustration?

That was a great experience playing against Kyrie when he was a junior in high school he killed us to but to be able to have 18 against a talented team with Kyrie on it is cool. But right now that means nothing I’m looking forward to playing for Iowa and trying to help win games


Coach McCafery decides to turn the selection of Iowa’s intro music over to Trey Dickerson. What are the Hawkeyes coming out to?

This ain’t what you want- Lil Durk


Most of what the Iowa fan base will know about you will be linked to your on-court performance. Anything non-basketball related you would like to share with the folks of Iowa City, Iowa before you hit the court?

Just I’m a cool laid back dude I like to interact with the fans and can’t wait to get out there HAWKEYE NATION STAND UP


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Q&A – Ken Pomeroy

Posted: February 5, 2013 by DeadBefore50 in 2013, Basketball

Ken Pomeroy is a pioneer in the advanced metrics revolution reshaping the way we view and judge college basketball. If you’re not familiar with his work, take the time to visit Prior to the start of the 2013 NCAA Men’s basketball season, Mr. Pomeroy was kind enough to share some of his insights:

1. For those not familiar, what motivated the creation of, and what information does the site afford its subscribers?

It grew out of a desire to have a reference for evaluating D-I teams and players. Stats don’t tell the whole story, of course, but often times the eyes don’t either. And if your team is playing somebody obscure, there might not be much eye-based information available on your opponent anyway. So I tried to build something that would bridge that gap and give fans a fighting chance to be experts themselves.

2. Was it an interest in mathematics/statistics or sports which originally started you on the path to converging the two?

I don’t think it’s possible to separate the two. Without one or the other, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I love watching the game, but I love the statistical side of it as well, and it’s through that prism that I learn things.

3. The “Four Factors” approach is what originally attracted me to your work. For the uninitiated, what are the “Four Factors”, and how does your site/work apply the combination to college basketball?

The Four Factors are based on a concept that Dean Oliver developed whereby almost all of a team’s offense (or defense) can be explained by four things: shooting, rebounding, turnovers, and free throws. So if you’re evaluating what a team does well, those are the best high-level things to start with.

4. With “one and done” and transfers on the rise, how does your pre-season ratings system account for increased roster turnover?

Basically, the preseason ratings look at who’s coming back, how important they were last season, and their class. As far as transfers and freshman, they aren’t included directly, and the system just assumes any new players are going to play at a level worse that last season’s team (unless they are highly rated recruits).

5. The 2012-13 NCAA basketball season is on the horizon. Which 3-4 teams do you consider most intriguing (and why)?

Usually it takes a month or two for those kinds of teams to wind up on my radar. The most intriguing teams are ones that are underrated or overrated by the media, or teams that are misunderstood. Early on, I’m most intrigued by Kansas State, as there’s some reason to think they’ll be pretty good, but are getting very little interest from national scribes. Lots of similarities there to Missouri last season.

6. I assume the subjective nature of the NCAA Tournament selection process doesn’t sit well with your analytic/objective approach. What, if any, changes would you make to the process?

Eh, it’s not really that bad. My biggest beef is that the basketball committee is charged with selecting the best teams to fill the at-large pool but their methods don’t really accomplish that in that they ignore margin of victory and overvalue performance on the road. The other beef is that they do actually use objective data, but their choice of data and how to use it is fairly bizarre. But even so, they don’t screw up the bracket too badly.

7. Free Throw Rate (free throw attempts / field goal attempts) “captures a team’s ability to get to the free throw line” and is prevalent in your review of college basketball teams. Some analytics have adjusted the formula to factor Free throws “made” as opposed to “attempted”. Why do you prefer the focus on “attempts”?

In general, I prefer separating skills. Using free throws made mixes a team’s ability to get the free throw line with its ability to make free throws. I think if you’re evaluating a team, you’d like to know (a) how often does the opponent get to the line and (b) how good their free throw shooting is, rather than combining the two entirely separate skills into one number.

8. Weber State’s Damian Lillard grabbed the 2011-2012 Player of the Year award (at least 28% of possessions used). Which 3-4 players do you expect to compete for the 2012-13 version of the award?

Actually, Draymond Green won my player of the year award (kPOY), but Lillard was definitely one of the most valuable players to his team. Cody Zeller was 9th in my formula last season and is the highest ranked returning player, so he’s probably the favorite, although it would be close with DeShaun Thomas. If N.C. State is in the mix for a one-seed, C.J. Leslie will be in the race as well.

9. Batting Average was long considered a keystone Major League Baseball stat. Recently, BA has taken a backseat to OPS (On Base % + Slug%) and other “advanced” statistics. Any parallels on the basketball side?

I don’t think there’s a silver bullet like that unless you want to consider points per possession. The main thing about advanced hoops stats is that they always try to account for opportunity and isolate skills, which is something most old school stats don’t do very well.

10. There has been some talk of ending the practice of NBA players competing for Team USA in the next Olympics. If that came to fruition, and you were asked to comprise a two-deep roster of 2012-13 D1 players, who would make the cut (and why)?

Through a mix of scouting and stats, I’d go with Cody Zeller, Nerlens Noel, C.J. Leslie, Andre Roberson, Otto Porter, Deshaun Thomas, Shabazz Muhammad, B.J. Young, C.J. McCollum, and Trey Burke.