Isaac Hamilton – Q&A

Posted: October 14, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Uncategorized

Isaac Hamilton is a 5-star guard poised to wrap his High school career with a run at a California state basketball title and a high-level D1 scholarship. He is a lethal scorer, quality game facilitator, and may prove the West coast’s top hooper in the Class of 2013. Previously profiled on the sit (The Real Deal), Hamilton agreed to a quick Q&A touching base on his evolving game, and his team’s (St John Bosco) 2012-13 expectations:
1. Last time we touched base was early in the 2011-12 Bosco season. How would you compare your play currently compared to this time last year?

I think I’ve gotten better, been working much harder because I won’t to win a state championship before the season is over and especially because next year I’ll be in college and whatever school I go to I want to make a huge impact coming in as a freshmen

2. Any highlights from the summer/AAU season?

Besides getting 52 that was the most excitement during my last year of aau

3. Which area(s) of your game would you most like to improve prior to beginning your D1 career?

Being a better pg. because that’s what I see myself at the next level and the next level beyond that

4. Which area(s) of your game separate you from the average high school player?

Basically being a big guard and my knack of scoring and rebounding



5. With the additions of Tyler Dorsey and Darien Williams, what are your expectations for the 2012-13 St John Bosco season?

With those 2 additions plus what we already had makes us a national talked about team and with those guys coming in we can all push each other to become better, and our expectations are all focused on winning and getting that state ring

6. Excluding the players currently on your team, name 2 current High school players you would most like to play alongside. Why?

I don’t have any other guys that I would like to play with instead of the guys who will be going to battle with me this year

7. List the 2 current High school players you would most like to play against. Why?

I think the Harrison twins just because its two of them and I have a brother so it’ll be a fun game to see and watch

8. Your Coach loses his mind and allows Isaac Hamilton to decide the squad’s intro music. What are you going with?

Lol pop that by French Montana

9. As you prepare to enter your final season of High school basketball, how would you rate your career, and what should folks most remember about your time at St John Bosco?

I would honestly rate my career as an 7 for right now cause they’re somethings I still haven’t accomplished and I think this year I would be able to do so, and I would love to be remembered as a winner at my time at bosco on and off the court

I pushed Isaac for some recruitment insight, but he proved equally as elusive off the court as he does on it. Wise beyond his year’s, and destined for big things.


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