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As much as the old-school relies on X’s and Os’, scouting, and positional match-ups, key metrics may speak more to projected outcomes than many are prepared to accept. I’ve gathered Offensive/Defensive Efficiency, Offensive/Defensive rebounding, and Offensive/Defensive Turnover stats for all D1 schools, and compiled a “Complete Efficiency” metric to rank the group. Take a look and feel free to fire away with feedback and/or questions.


Isaiah Bailey

Posted: November 5, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Uncategorized

Isaiah Bailey is a next-level athlete with clear upside. His recruitment has begun to heat up, and more is expected as he prepares to enter his junior season at Compton High. Isaiah shared a few minutes of his time and commented on his game, a few “rivals”, and a little Meek Mill.

1. For those not familiar with your game, what does Isaiah Bailey bring to the basketball court?

I bring toughness, heart , and a will to win and will always give my all.

2. has you listed as a 4-star and the #68 ranked recruit in the Class of 2014. What are your thoughts on the rating/ranking? Do reviews of your game impact your play or motivate the amount of effort you put into improving?

I mean I’ve always said rankings didn’t mean much to me but, seeing that does gives me this motivation to be better.

3. Which area(s) of your game are you looking to improve, and why?

3 point range, point guard skills ,and rebounding because with better range I feel it would be hard to stick me and I’m not saying I can’t shoot the 3 ball I’m just saying I need more range and my point guard skills and rebounding are for triple doubles I wanna get multiple triple doubles this year that’s one of my goals.

4. Any personal/team goals for the 2012-2013 High school season?

Personal goals would be to average 20 points 5 rebounds 5 assist and my team goal is to win state and CIF.

5. Excluding current teammates, which 2-3 current High school hoopers would you most like to play alongside?

I really like the way Parker-Jackson Cartwright runs his team , I would love to play along side Jordan Bell even though he’s from my rival school , and another one would be my brother that goes to Long beach Jordan Rahshead Johnson who is from another rival school.

6. Which 2-3 current High school players would you most like to go up against? Why?

Stanley Johnson , Aaron Gordon , and Parker-Jackson Cartwright I chose Aaron Gordon and Parker because we lost to them last year and Stanley because I knows he’s competitive.

7. On the recruiting/college front, are you looking to remain close to home (Cali/West coast), or are you fairly open to all opportunities?

I’m fairly open to any college.

8. As of our last conversation (August 21st 2012) you confirmed USC as the front-runner in your recruitment. Does that remain the case? Over the past two months have any new programs expressed interest?

It’s kind of changed I have interest from UConn ,UCLA, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St. ,Oklahoma , Arizona St., Boston college, and offers from USC, Gonzaga , UNLV, San Diego St., Arizona.

9. What are your long-term personal/basketball goals?

To make money take care of my family and not be average I wanna be great.

10. Your team is down by one and you have the ball in hand for the final possession. Are you looking to setup a teammate, or take the potential game winning shot?

I’m lookin to shoot first and if someone has a better shot I will pass it to them.

11. approaches you about the official “Isaiah Bailey Mixtape”, and wants you to select the background track. What are you going with?

Meek Mills I’m a boss