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As much as the old-school relies on X’s and Os’, scouting, and positional match-ups, key metrics may speak more to projected outcomes than many are prepared to accept. I’ve gathered Offensive/Defensive Efficiency, Offensive/Defensive rebounding, and Offensive/Defensive Turnover stats for all D1 schools, and compiled a “Complete Efficiency” metric to rank the group. Take a look and feel free to fire away with feedback and/or questions.


After committing to Big East power, Villanova, Josh Hart sacrificed a little of his free time for a Q&A. Previously profiled on the site (Josh Hart – Next Level Success), Hart is a do-it-all combo guard capable of making his mark at the D1 level. Follow Josh Hart via twitter @TeamNike_Hart

1. Last time we touched base (June of this year), you were just starting to narrow down a list of potential D1 destinations. A couple of weeks ago you announced a commitment to play for Villanova University. Over that 3-4 month period, what convinced you Villanova was the right fit?

I love Villanova! The school, the campus, the team and the coaches are great. They have a great winning tradition and the pedigree for pros in my position is incredible. Most importantly they gave me a plan on how I will grow as a basketball player but more importantly as a man and how i will be successful in life after basketball.

2. Was it important to have the college commitment handled prior to the start of your senior (basketball) season? Or, just did it just feel like the right time to make decision?

It just felt like it was the right time. I wanted to end it before my senior season but the main reason is that i wanted to give time for the other school such as Rutgers and Penn State to have enough time to go out recruit players in my position and hopefully get them.

3. What (if anything) about the recruiting process surprised or impressed you?

Just all the phone calls and text. It was crazy at times but that’s just apart of the game

4. Was there anything about the recruiting process which frustrated or disappointed you?

Nothing really frustrated me it was really tough though having to say no to the coaches that offered me scholarships and who i built a relationship with.

5. Which area(s) separate your game from that of the average high school player?

My motor. Each team has guys that play all out and that’s what I do but there is no one that will want it more than me. I will be the hardest working player on my school team and I will be the hardest working player for Villanova next year. I think that is what separates me the most form other players.

6. Which area(s) of your game are you looking to improve for the 2012-13 (Sidwell) season and in preparation for D1 basketball career?

My ball handling. I will like to be able to play 1 for my school this year but also play some at the 1 in college. Also will like to work on my lateral quickness. I like to be able to guard smaller guards and increase my versatility.

7. Excluding the players currently on your team, name 2 current High school players you would most like to play alongside. Why?

Its tough to just name two but one is my future teammate Kris Jenkins and my High School teammate Matthew Hillman. Playing alongside Kris will help a lot for both of us. We both love to win and will do anything to win and by his ability to knock down shots on the perimeter and my ability to drive will open the court up for both of us. I love playing alongside with Matthew Hillman because of our chemistry we have built the past two years. We know where we both will be on the court and he is the main reason why I am able to score how I have been able to the last couple years because of his ability to shoot the lights out and now being able to attack the basket and finish through contact. We will be a great backcourt this year!

8. List the 2 current High school players you would most like to play against. Why?

Stanford Robinson and Ishmail Wainright. Playing against these two has been great for my development because we bring the best out of each other. We go at each other constantly. With our ability to defend each other causes us to find new areas to improve and work on. I love playing against them and hopefully will be able to play against them next year.

9. Your Coach loses his mind and allows Josh Hart to decide the squad’s intro music. What are you going with?

Thats tough to say but it will have to be Dreams and Nightmares or Derrick Rose both by Meek Mill. Got to have something with some bass haha

10. Any personal/team predictions for the 2012-13 Sidwell season?

Win the MAC championship out right this year and to have 22+ wins

11. As you prepare to enter your final season of High school basketball, how would you rate your career, and what should fans, friends, and teammates, most remember about your time at Sidwell?

Its been great. I loved being able to but on the Sidwell jersey and represent my school, friends, and family. I think they should remember that we have won two consecutive conference championship since I have been there but most importantly the success of my teams always outshines my performance and they are the reason I have these great opportunities.