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As much as the old-school relies on X’s and Os’, scouting, and positional match-ups, key metrics may speak more to projected outcomes than many are prepared to accept. I’ve gathered Offensive/Defensive Efficiency, Offensive/Defensive rebounding, and Offensive/Defensive Turnover stats for all D1 schools, and compiled a “Complete Efficiency” metric to rank the group. Take a look and feel free to fire away with feedback and/or questions.


Malik Thames was previously featured on SoCal Recruit Spot (More to this book than its cover) and remains a site favorite. Earlier today I touched base with Malik and we rolled thru the following Questions & Answers:

And a little something for my man Lik (caution – explicit)

1. On the basketball front, what was the highlight of your off-season/summer?

Just getting to play with the people I started aau with for the last time.

2. As you prepare to enter your final season of High school basketball, summarize your Pleasant Grove career

I think it has been great since we were the first team to make it to Arco for section playoffs and went deep in the playoffs. And this year we are going to make that extra step.

3. Pleasant Grove went 24-7 last season (2011-12). Any predictions for the 2012-13 squad?

I think we can go over the 25 win mark this year of we play the way we should.

4. Any goals you would like to accomplish before wrapping your Pleasant Grove career?

I want to make it to section championship and have a healthy season.

5. Excluding players on your team, name 2 High school hoopers with whom you would most like to play. Why?

I would like to play with Dakarai Allen and D’erryl Williams because we are good friends and we always play against each other and if we were on the same team it would real fun.

6. List the 2 current High school hoopers whom you would most like to play against. Why?

I will play against Darin Johnson, Dakarai Allen, and D’erryl Williams because Sheldon is in our league for school.

7. Which area(s) of your game require the most attention in preparation for collegiate basketball?

I think the Mid-range game because in college you can’t always get in the lane like high school so the pull up jumper will be open off pick n rolls. And you will have to knock it down.

8. Your Coach loses his mind & allows Malik Thames to decide the squad’s intro music. What are you going with?

We would come out to Chief Keef , Rick Ross “Hold me back” , Problem, 2 chainz, and maybe Lil Wayne.

9. Last we talked you were hearing from Creighton, UCSB, and USF (offer). Any update on your recruitment?

That I will sign in the spring. And that UCSB is my #1