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As much as the old-school relies on X’s and Os’, scouting, and positional match-ups, key metrics may speak more to projected outcomes than many are prepared to accept. I’ve gathered Offensive/Defensive Efficiency, Offensive/Defensive rebounding, and Offensive/Defensive Turnover stats for all D1 schools, and compiled a “Complete Efficiency” metric to rank the group. Take a look and feel free to fire away with feedback and/or questions.


Alongside NoCal’s Stephen Domingo, Isaac Hamilton may be one of the purest combo-Guards the West Coast has experienced in a handful of years. The MixTape phenomenon has trained the general public to focus on the slashing, dunking, ankle-breaking highlights flooding the Internet. Potentially lost in the shuffle are the handful of ballers whom impact the stat sheet more so than the highlight reel. Now don’t get it twisted, Isaac Hamilton has the athleticism and handles to put it on his opponent as well as the next man, but it is his sniperlike precision from outside the key which has his ticket punched for long-term hardcourt success.

As a St. John Bosco Junior in ’11-’12 Hamilton went about his business with a conviction and calm years beyond his age. Challenged by Coach Derrick Taylor to run the Point for Bosco the early season concern was the impact the new role/responsibility would have on Isaac’s scoring. Hamilton responded by putting up (26) points a game while dishing out close to (6) Assists per contest. Mix in (10+) Rebounds per game and one understands why ESPN has Isaac holding down a 5-star rating (5-star via Rivals). This is not small-town dominance by the one kid in the region with D1 talent. Hamilton finds himself squarely in the heart of SoCa’ls hypercompetitive High school basketball scene and dominates at every turn.

In watching Hamilton shoot from outside it becomes clear why so many high-level D1 programs have him on their wish list. The shot is almost absurd in its simplicity. It is quiet without wasted motion. The follow-through may tail on a half second more than D1 coaches will be ok with, but it is difficult arguing against the results. The shot carries a steady arc and Isaac appears comfortable pulling the trigger off the dribble or a catch and shoot. At 6’4, Hamilton normally carries the height advantage over his defender. This will be less the case at the next level, but the release appears fast enough to remain highly effective.

Hamilton’s biggest D1 college basketball test may come from the physical style of the game. He will need to bulk up a bit and probably play in the 185-190lb range so as to better absorb and fight through traffic. Isaac is not an above-the-rim player, but is creative enough in his scoring to project exceedingly well as an offensive contributor. His PG play this year should only help in the transition to the more athletic and quicker pace of collegiate ball. The (2) appears his best role/fit and an additional 10-15 pounds in muscle should not compromise his quickness/shot. He will need to recognize when his shot is not falling, and work to setup his teammates, and he is more than capable of doing so. I project Hamilton as a future All-Conference type player scoring in the 17-20 point range. Mix in decent Rebounding/Assist numbers and Hamilton could develop into a top D1 player as he hits his Junior/Senior seasons.

Carrying offers/interest from just about every West Coast NCAA basketball program it is clear why Hamilton’s in no hurry to decide on his collegiate home. According to’s Agustin Gonzales, Hamilton is planning to visit five campuses. The five are San Diego State, UNLV, Florida, Washington, and UConn. With his brother Daniel (also a high level D1 prospect) and father serving as his most trusted advisers, my guess is Issac will allow the recruiting process to play out into his Senior season and ultimately make a well-informed decision. Some kids are hype. Some are nothing more than the product of a well-edited MixTape. A few, Isaac Hamilton included, are the real deal.


Isaac Hamilton '13 5-StarIsaac HamiltonIsaac Hamilton