Charles Williams – Perseverance

Posted: June 20, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in 2012, Football

Charles Williams arrived late to the party. Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, it was his party, and by the time he arrived many of his guests had already called it a day. All however, is not lost. A little perseverance, mixed in with a dose of good luck, and Williams comes out of this none the worse for wear. Having amassed 125 Tackles, 20 Tackles for loss, 9 Sacks, and 3 Interceptions as a senior Linebacker Williams expected to have D1 Coaches knocking on his door. When that didn’t happen, and with the end of his High school career quickly approaching, it was time to switch gears and take to his own door knocking campaign.

What Williams may lack in notoriety he more than makes up for in productivity. 20 TFL out of a Linebacker spot is an impressive amount and speaks to his ability to dominate a game. To that point Williams, currently destined for the Junior College ranks and Dean College, he recently made the “2012 JuCo Watch-list”. Anticipating help from his High school Coach, Williams didn’t attend the requisite football camps and didn’t take any steps to get his name out to D1 programs. As it became apparent the offers weren’t coming, Williams switched gears and went on the offensive. Citing recent interest from and contact with Middle Tennessee State, and a 2013 offer from Central Connecticut State, Williams has prepped himself for the likelihood he will need at least a year at Dean (JuCo) before securing the coveted D1 roster spot. At 5’11 he doesn’t possess prototypical height, and as a result a handful of otherwise interest programs have reverted to a “wait and see” approach. Produce at the JC level, send us the film, and we’ll touch base after the ’12-’13 season.

Ultimately, Williams may have best summarized the highs and lows of his recruiting experiences,

What impressed me was the number of schools that was and is interested in me as a player being that I come from a small high school and a state where football isn’t really big. What disappointed me was that I didn’t get offered by the colleges that I was really interested in but I look for that to change this summer. Also I was impressed with the number of people who took the time to help me get noticed my senior year even when they didn’t have to. Also I was disappointed that my HS coach didn’t help me with the recruiting process as much as he said he would

Pressed for the motivation behind his determined play and approach, Williams cited a deep and personal driving force,

The one person that has impacted my game would have to be my grandfather. before passing away he always made sure that I did things to my full potential and he taught me to play m heart out every game and to do everything I possibly can to put my team in the position to win.

Although a year at Dean College isn’t what Charles Williams originally targeted for the ’12-’13 season, it may represent a significant opportunity. A productive season in the JuCo ranks, quality game film to share with D1 Coaches, and his now improved expectation and understanding of the recruiting game, and Williams should find himself sorting thru multiple options for the ’13-’14 season. Most impressive, and equally as encouraging, during my interactions with Williams has been his reaction to what has been a trying and somewhat disappointing previous few months. He’s frustrated, but now takes full responsibility for his recruitment. I don’t sense any bitterness or animosity, simply the realization all did not go according to plan. Next time around I fully expect Charles Williams to arrive early to the party and greet his arriving guests with a big smile, a firm handshake, and a highlight package of his Dean College play.

  1. Jeryl Williams says:

    I am his mom and he has made his entire family proud. His younger brothers are truly looking up to him. I thank God for the gift he has given him to play.

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