Kalan Montgomery – A bright future beckons

Posted: May 26, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Class of '13, Football
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Name:     Kalan Montgomery

Class:      2013

Height:   6 feet 2 inches

Weight : 165 lbs

Kalan Montgomery

Having played a little Wide Receiver during his Compton Dominguez (Ca.) career, Kalan Montgomery proved highly elusive off the field as I attempted to corner him into a few answers. Pressed for an early Top 5 of schools, Montgomery juked deftly with “I like all the team that have taken interest in me”. Not one to give up so easily, I cleverly came back asking if Kalan was looking to attend school close to home, or was interested in heading out of State….”I’m not sure at the moment”. Clearly I don’t carry the cover skills Mr. Montgomery routinely displays from his more customary Defensive Back position. The 6’2 SoCal up and comer has impressed recently during multiple off-season skill camps. If those showings translate to improved on the field performance Montgomery will be one to watch this fall.

Montgomery currently holds offers from San Diego State, Hawaii, and Arizona. Other programs displaying interest in the 2013 DB include Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington. Most intriguing, given a likely move to a 3-3-5 defense by Montgomery’s Compton Dominguez squad, may be the offer/interest put forth by Coach Rocky Long and the SDSU Aztecs. Long is synonymous with the attacking/aggressive style of the 3-3-5 and looks for skilled, confident DB’s comfortable playing on the “island” often required in the blitz-abundant scheme. Listing LSU’s Sophomore sensation Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu as one whose level of impact he looks to achieve, Montgomery refers to a blitz-harried QB as “Pick City”. Willing to step up and play the Run, and comfortable with the idea of pure Man-to-Man coverage, it’s tough envisioning Montgomery’s recruitment not including a very aggressive Coach Long and staff.

Kalan MontgomeryChief among challenges facing Montgomery is his frame. The 6’2 is not a concern, it’s actually a potentially huge advantage. The 165 lbs….therein lies the concern. The slender frame may hold up at the High School level, but as he begins considering a NCAA career, there’s no doubt the rising DB prospect will have to bulk up. At 165lbs Montgomery would struggle to stay afloat in the more physical College game. Given his height he’ll need to add 20-25lbs to maintain the strength and mass necessary to man up against larger WR’s and hold is own in run support against D1 Running backs. Montgomery is regarded as a hard worker and noticeably humble off the field. That combination generally bodes well when it comes to identifying areas of opportunity in improving on-field performance. I have little doubt the weight will be rendered a non-issue as he puts in the strength work and continues maturing into his 6’2 frame. Montgomery hits 185-190lbs and he should prove an absolute force on the defensive side of the ball.

A strong Senior campaign and Montgomery should see much of that PAC-12 “interest” evolve into genuine offers. 6’2 DB’s are a high value commodity and this young man’s game will have many a scout and Coach venturing to his SoCal campus. Montgomery carries a quiet confidence and high level athleticism. Assuming he continues refining his pass defending technique, improves his overall strength, and maintains the ambition and drive already displayed, I’m confident projecting Montgomery as a solid DB at the D1 level with an opportunity to develop into an All-Conference level performer as enters the latter portion of his collegiate career. A bright future beckons.

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