Update – Marc Rodgers

Posted: March 27, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Basketball

A few months back I put together a Profile piece (“Old School 1“) on High School Point Guard Marc Rodgers. I recently touched base with Marc for a breakdown on the just completed season, recruiting, AAU, and his future.

Question – Now that the season is over, what were some ofthe high points (personal/team)?
Rodgers– Now that season is over I can honestly say there were MANY high points. I wouldhave to Say winning a CIF championship was the highest moment. I played a heckof a game, and most importantly my team did a great job all around which got usa win.
Question – On the flip side, anything standout as a lowpoint, or represent a significant challenge?
Rodgers– The low point of the year was probably losing in the state semi-finals to ateam that I feel we should have beat by at least 20 points. They came outhungrier than us and just flat out beat us, no excuses.

Question – What’s the latest on the recruiting front?

Rodgers– The recruiting aspect of basketball right now is getting hectic as I plan onmaking a decision pretty soon if the situation is right. Right now SDSU, Arizona, UCLA, LMU, Miami, VCU,Washington, and Hawaii areamongst the schools I’ve been in contact with the most.

Question – In the perfect scenario, are you playing college ball close to home,or taking your game on the road to experience something new?

Rodgers– I really haven’t given much thought on whether I would rather stay close tohome or get away. I guess I would prefer to be close to home so my family andfriends could come and support as they please, but playing on the other side ofthe country would not be bad either because I get to see another aspect of lifeand meet many new people.

Question – Anything in particular you’re working on to insure you and your gameare prepared for college?

Rodgers– As far as what I am working on to get ready for college, I would really saystrength. Being able to force my will on other guards and getting into thepaint, and forcing contact and finishing at the rim with contact against otherbigs.

Question – Aside from numbers on the stat sheet, what does Marc Rodgers bringto a basketball program?

Rodgers– As far as what I bring to college, I bring leadership. Great knowledge of thegame, a high basketball IQ, defense, desire, and just the will factor to dowhatever it takes to win. If my coach tells me he needs me to take on thescoring load, I can easily transition into playing the off guard and score. Ifhe needs me to take the best player on the other team no matter what size, Ican make the uncomfortable. I just do whatever it takes for my team to win. I’mnot the type of kid that gets caught up in the stat-sheet, I just do what theyneed of me to win.

Question – In the first article I describe you as an “old-school 1”.Agree/disagree?

Rodgers – As far as do I consider myself and “oldschool 1”? I don’t know exactly if I consider myself an old school one.Everyone else does. I just consider myself the type of guard that is mostproductive and but people tend to love the other guards who rip the stat sheetbut continuously lose big games. So no I wouldn’t consider myself and oldschool one, I just consider myself as the type of guard college coaches lookfor but can’t really find.

Question – On the AAU front, what are your personal/teamgoals for this season?
Rodgers – AAU ball I expect a lot out of myCompton Magic team. I expect us to dominate games with our guard play. HavingMalik Thames from Sacramento, Brian “BB” Beard who is my cousin thatgoes to La Verne Lutheran, Brandon Randolph who is my partner in crime on thecourt and teammate at St Bernards HS, and myself. I don’t see any reason why weshould not destroy teams with our defensive tenacity and great offensiveabilities. As a team, I believe we should win every single game and everytournament we play in. Individually, I just plan on showing all the work I’veput in and racking up as many scholarship offers as possible.

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