Zerrion Payton – Fits like a Glove

Posted: January 18, 2012 by DeadBefore50 in Basketball
Slight of build at 6’1 155lbs Zerrion Payton works to play above his size. Given that “Zee” is listed as Northern California’s #38 2013 prospect (NorCalPreps.com) it’s clear he’s made good on the effort. Known as a “slasher” Payton fits the classic mold of “dribble-drive-penetration” Guard. Play the passing lane and he’ll burn you with an ever-improving jump shot or a variety of creative finishes. Over-play him as a scorer and he’ll absolutely find an open teammate in a good position to score. Nice combination if he’s on your side. Not so nice if you and your teammates are looking to contain Payton.
                As the nephew of Oregon St and NBA legend Gary “The Glove” Payton it’s safe to assume “Zee” has the game in his blood. The most important GP attribute Zee claims is the hard-nosed win at all cost mentality that runs throughout the Payton family and gives the opposition headaches. The “J” remains a work in progress and there is still the occasional ill-advised pass, but the general perception is Zerrion’s game is on the upswing. Currently averaging (13.5) Points, (2.2) Assists, and (2.5) Rebounds a game for the 11-5 Weston Ranch Cougars, it appears Zee is on the way to another solid season.
                Given his 6’1 frame it’s appears safe to project Payton as carrying another 15-20 in muscle without compromising the speed/agility which currently define his game. Assuming he hits the weight-room and proves capable of absorbing the more physical style of the College game I expect Zerrion to land his share of offers from Mid-Majors looking to shore up their back-court. Although often seen as quiet and somewhat reserved, Coaches and scout agree Payton carries a passion for the game and is willing to put in the work necessary to improve. My take is Zerrion belongs in an up-tempo style program in which he can exploit his court vision and scoring ability. The West Coast Conference seems like a good fit for the NorCal Guard and Santa Clara or Long Beach State would appear good fits. Bottom line, Zee is looking for a program which will allow his offensive creativity to flourish and push his overall game to new heights. In short, he’s looking for a program that “fits like a Glove”.
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  2. […] Zerrion Payton – Fits like a Glove […]

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